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Programs at The Master's Community

Our community was created to empower and assist you, the home-schooling parent, in providing the Christian, Classical, Liberal arts education you desire for your children.  Our programs are designed to seek the good, the true, and the beautiful that God created.  Students begin by mastering the skills of language liberal arts (grammar, logic, rhetoric, oratory) as well as writing, science lab, fine arts projects, and other activities. As they move into upper levels they then progress to experiencing the content of the integrated humane letters (history, literature) as well as Latin, Logic, and other subjects depending on their level and the 'year' of our studies.

The Grammar Circle - Grammar I

Ages 4 through 11

Students are naturally adept at memorizing through songs, chants, and rhymes. Singing/chanting enables children to learn facts for a lifetime. Our content covers Scripture, Hymns, Timeline, History, Science, English Grammar, Latin, Geography, and Math.  Students also participate in a weekly Science Lab or Project, a weekly Fine Arts Lesson or Project, and prepare and present a weekly presentation to their class.

Art Fun

The Grammar Circle - Grammar II

Ages 9 through 11

In addition to Grammar I, students ages 9 through 11 also participate in our Grammar II level class which encompasses English Grammar, Writing Skills, Literature, and Math Drills.

Raising Hands

Logic I and II

Ages 12 & 13

In the Logic (Dialectic) stage students are naturally more argumentative and begin to question authority and facts, and want to know the “why” of something or the logic behind it. Students learn reasoning, informal and formal logic, and how to argue with wisdom and eloquence.  Studies include Latin, Logic, History, Science/Research, Literature/Composition, and Geography.

Science Courses

Rhetoric I, II, III, IV

Ages 14 through 17

During the Rhetoric stage students naturally become independent thinkers and communicators. They study and practice rhetoric, which is the art of persuasive speaking and effective writing.  Advanced studies include Latin, Logic & Rhetoric, History, Government, Literature, and Composition.

Math Homework
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