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Is The Master's Community a school or a co-op?

TMC is neither a school nor a co-op.  We are a member based, home-school support community with a weekly class day where students and parents are introduced to their weekly studies via a Lead Mentor/Apprentice model. You are your student's primary teacher.


What curriculum does TMC utilize? 

TMC uses Claritas Publishing for its Grammar I program, IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) for its Grammar II program, a combination of Tapestry of Grace, Classical Academic Press and Apologia for our Logic program, and a combination of  Tapestry of Grace  and Classical Academic Press for our Rhetoric program.

What day is TMC class day?

TMC class day is on Mondays from 9AM to Noon for Grammar I, and 9AM to 3PM for Grammar II, Logic, and Rhetoric students.

How many students are in each TMC class?

Depending on membership numbers that academic year and the grade level of the class, TMC classes generally contain between 6 and 12 students.

Can I drop off my children for class day? 

TMC is not a drop-off program.  The Lead Mentor/Apprentice format is designed to model the curriculum for you, the teacher, as much as the student and therefore requires your attendance along with your children.

Who are the Lead Mentors and Apprentices?

The TMC Lead Mentors and Apprentices are you and me!  Our homeschooling parents are trained to serve as Leads of our Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric classes.  Our Leads model the Christian, Classical modes and methods to the rest of the parents in our community (the Apprentices).  This modelling ensures the longevity of our community by creating life-long learning parents who can then serve as Leads themselves, who come to understand that providing a Christian, Classical education for our children all the way through high school is possible.

Must I serve as a Lead in order to join The Master's Community?

Although not a co-op in the strict sense of the word, TMC is very co-operative in nature.  Whether it is helping with the facility set up or clean up, field trips, pizza days, or serving as Room Mom, Class Lead or Apprentice, all parents are expected to serve in some capacity on class day.  Not only does this keep our membership costs affordable, it ensures that the few are not overburdened by the needs of the many.  TMC will work with you, the parent, to help place you in a role where God has gifted you and where you are comfortable serving.

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