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Our Story

Located in San Diego, California, our community was created to empower and assist you, the home-schooling parent, in providing the Christian, classical, liberal arts education you desire for your children.  Our programs are designed to seek and study the good, the true, and the beautiful in all that God has created.  Students begin by mastering the skills of language liberal arts (grammar, logic, rhetoric, oratory) as well as participating in writing, science lab, fine arts projects, and other activities. As they move into upper levels they progress to experiencing the content of the integrated humane letters (history, literature) as well as Latin and Logic.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our communty, its programs, and how we can support your Christian, classical homeschool family.

Quisquis bonus verusque Christianus est, Domini suie est intelligat, ubicumque invenerit veritatem.

“Let every good and true Christian know that truth is the truth of his Lord and Master, where ever it is found.”

St. Augustine

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